Bangladesh Evangelical Revival Church began at Mirpur in Dhaka city as a house-based fellowship of twelve committed believers in November, 2008. The members started to gather after every two weeks to worship the Lord, study the word of God, pray and collect the offerings to do something for evangelism and the glory of God. Attendance was very spontaneous and soon a vision was developed to support one evangelist to plant new churches among responsive indigenous people in the northern part of the country. At the same times we send one of our brothers to see the work going on in rural areas of Naogoan districts. He reported us that it’s amazing that people are hearing the gospel and commit their life to Christ. He also said to extend our work to win the soul for Christ and we begin to extend Bangladesh Evangelical Revival Church other part of our country.

A little seed that was planted in 2008 has been turned into a movement of church planting  being favored by the supreme God. In 2009 Bangladeah Evangelical Revival Church started working in different four regions in Bangladesh being registered officially / having official registration. In the same year Rev. Bony Baroi took the  responsibility to lead this ministry and serving there as a Chairman.